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International Symposium on Practice as Research (ISPaR)
Controversies, Challenges, Conceptualisations: East-West Perspectives.

The inaugural International Symposium on Practice as Research (ISPaR) will be held at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on 4-6 December, 2017. It aims to bring together thinkers, practitioners, researchers and leaders to discuss and explore Practice as Research in an environment that mirrors Hong Kong itself, a confluence of the east and west, each with its rich cultural traditions and artistic practices.




ISPaR 2017 will be held from 4-6 December 2017 at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. We welcome proposals from anyone with a background or interest in Practice-as-Research in the performing, technical, and creative arts. This includes arts practitioners and professionals, thinkers and researchers.  

The Call for Proposals is now open and the deadline is 30 July 2017 (Sunday).
Please your proposal by – 30 July 2017 (Sunday).
  We are inviting submissions for:
  • Presentations (20 minutes + 10 minutes Q&A)
  • Practical workshops or masterclasses (90 minutes)
  • Poster sessions
  We invite submissions that explore the following topics: 
  • The purpose and value of Practice-as-Research
  • Contextual considerations when applying Practice-as-Research in intercultural and intracultural settings
  • Methods of assessing and evaluating Practice-as-Research
  • The place of Practice-as-Research within the cultural and creative industries
  • Pioneering Practice-as-Research studies
  PresentationsPresentations may be both performative and academic. Presentations will be held in classrooms equipped with computers, data-projectors and sound systems. However there will be no provision for lighting.  Requests for additional equipment may be entertained on a case by case basis.

  WorkshopsWorkshops will be conducted in a range of venues that will include a computer, data-projector and sound system. Requests for specific studio spaces and additional equipment may be entertained on a case by case basis.

  Posters – Posters will be exhibited in the conference’s venue for the entire length of the programme. Presenters will be given the opportunity to discuss and expound upon their research posters with delegates. Posters must be at least A2 in size and no bigger than 100cm X 140cm. A3 size posters will not be acceptable.

Please your proposal by – 30 July 2017 (Sunday).

Call Opens: 29 May 2017 (Mon)
Deadline:    30 July 2017 (Sun)

Guidelines for Submission
    1.Proposals may be submitted by individuals or by groups of presenters.

    2.The duration for sessions will be:
  • Presentation: 30 minutes (20mins presentation followed by a 10mins Q&A)
  • Workshop: 90 minutes
  • Poster: 10 minutes

  • 3. Proposal must be submitted through the online submission system. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words in English or characters in Chinese.
    Please submit a biography of no more than 50 words with the abstract (in total 300 words).
    All proposals are submitted through EasyChair (An online registration programme). If this is your first time submitting a proposal through EasyChair, you will need to register with EasyChair before the system will allow you to submit an abstract. Instructions for EasyChair can be accessed by clicking this link

    4.The Organising Committee reserves the right to edit your proposal for publication purposes.

    5.Proposals will be peer-reviewed. Applicants will be sent notifications of the review process by e-mail on or before 3 September 2017 (Sunday).
Important Dates
  • Submission Deadline: 30 July 2017 (Sunday)
  • Notification of Acceptance: 3 September 2017 (Sunday)



  • Practitioner-researchers in the performing and creative arts and cultural industries
  • Practitioner-researchers in pedagogy
  • Arts-based researchers
  • Students and teachers engaging in PaR
  • Artists and practitioners interested in learning more about PaR
  • Teachers and educators
  • Leaders in the performing and creative arts, and related sectors
  • Anyone interested in learning more about arts-based research



For outline of Conference Programme click here




Please email ispar@hkapa.edu if you would like to sponsor a delegate to present at ISPaR 2017 because you feel they have an important contribution to make and that without your support they would not be able to fund their participation.



The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is a leading institution in the Asia-Pacific region, dedicated to providing a 21st century education to students in the Schools of Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film & Television, Music, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts (which includes design, property making, set construction, scenic art, lighting, sound, technical direction and arts, event and stage management). The Academy offers programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level, and is committed to the cultivation and exchange of arts- and practice-based research.




Post-colonial Hong Kong is situated in a rapidly growing Pearl River Delta region comprising Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong. Home to more than 120 million people, the region has been identified as the world’s first and largest “mega-region” in a United Nations’ State of World Cities Report (2010).  The 21st century has been called the Asian Century, which has witnessed a glorious surge of cultural exchange within and between the region, as well as with countries beyond.

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